In typical Fay-fashion I’m late. This time I’m one week late. I’ve been combing my brain for ideas on how to redeem myself from the bad graces I must surely be in and several ideas came to mind. I thought about a simple phone call, I considered a cartoon strip depicting my sorrow for missing the date, and then I thought about my blog. I havn’t wrote since January and I always dislike coming back with the statement ” So I’ve been super busy…” or ” I know I’ve been gone for awhile…”. Now I can write about someone else! Someone that I love immensely!

Last month, exactly one month ago I got hitched and the evening was so nice. It’s astounding listening to all the things that people remember with you and some of their thoughts on your character so I wanted to give that back today in my blog to my mother.

Some memories and things I love about my Mama 🙂

>I love the way you always would sing as you set about doing your house always sing with everything you got and I love that about you.

>I liked the way you tucked the hair behind my ear when I would lay on your lap while you read your book on a Sunday afternoon

>I remember tagging along with you while you did the laundry and folded clothes when I was really young

>You have mad sewing skills and you spent a lot of time sewing us Sunday dresses and also made us other clothes while we were growing up

>You picked blackberries with us every summer and traversed various terrain in the Beauville to help us find blackberries to pick so we could earn that trip to the water-slides every summer

>You made our lunches and sandwiches for us all through elementary and I remember the year that Glen had mustard on his sandwich and I had pickles and cheddar cheese EVERY day…thanks mom 🙂

> I remember when I was younger I sometimes seriously wondered if you were an angel

> I loved coming home from work on a Saturday and so often I would smell muffins baking and some sort of soup would be on the go

> I remember tagging along to hockey in the mornings on Saturdays at 5:30- knowing that your a morning person as much as I am,  I have to say this, Mom, you MUST have REALLY loved your kids to do that! haha. On that note- thanks for driving me all over for my 6 years of baseball as well

>I liked going for walks with you…I still like going for walks with you or putting those dutch bikes to use 🙂

>You made us all a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for years and years and years weather it was your home made yogurt or full on breakfast of eggs, toast, and bacon. Now that I’m all grown I realize what a feat that was to provide us with those kind of meals day after day

>I remember going grocery shopping with you just the two of us sometimes and how you would spoil us at the end of the shopping trip with a drink to share out of the coolers by the till and a chocolate bar to share. Particularly I remember you buying those dutch licorice candies for us to eat on the way home from grocery shopping

>I remember you giving us a spoonful of honey in the dark kitchen when we had a sore throat in the middle of the night and the way you’d let us sleep on that sliver of your bed beside you when we came into your room after we had a scary dream

>I have many many other memories but I’ll leave it at that for today 🙂


Mom, you have been soft with us when we needed you to be soft, tougher on us when we needed you to be and you’ve always opened yourself up for any type of question or conversation…theirs no words for how amazing that is or how amazing you are. Mom, you are sort of a strong silent type in a way and I think that you are sometimes misunderstood by people who don’t really KNOW you. You are sometimes sort of quiet but I think you are thoughtful, and you consider your words before you speak them. You often speak through actions rather then words and you are not hesitant to hug something out when it needs to be hugged out. You never have pushed us into something unless you knew it was good for us (like eating our spinach), but really, you always encouraged all of us to have fun and do our best whether it was school or sports or what have you. You have shown us by example what it means to really truly care about our brothers and sisters in Christ and you demonstrate the fruits of the spirit regularly. You are a God-fearing woman and you live a life that serves as a great example to not just me but all your kids.  You make me laugh when you burst out in your silly random humor and the sight of your smile  is one of the things that fills my mind when I’m missing you all the way out here in Alberta.

Mom I know that I’ve probably kept you awake at nights when I was a crying baby, I know that I’ve cried out “thats NOT faaaairr” and fought with my siblings, I’m sure I have added my share of grey hairs to your head. We have fought and I have rebelled but I would venture to say that we’ve balanced that out with real laughter and real love.

I guess what I’m really trying to say here Mom is, HAPPY BELATED MOTHERS DAY, I LOVE YOU!