May is a crazy crazy crazy month at work for me and you can probably tell that since it’s   been about one month since I’ve last posted.  I love being busy but it is truly exhausting.  It takes a lot to train and get everyone up to speed and to try and catch mistakes and errors before it costs the company money. I like the challenge though and I’m definitely up to the challenge.  I feel pretty lucky about my garden situation this year. Last year was a bit of a crop failure at my residence. My lettuce did just dandy but my carrots were stunted, I forgot to thin out my over-planted radishes and I got one zucchini growing and then it promptly shriveled up on me. I got a couple of beans but their was an obvious lack of abundance.  This year I’ve managed to score a sunnier location in the back 40 at work.  I was given a nice size little plot for nothing and I planted it all up last week on my day off. I planted lots of zucchini (bound and determined to come out with more then one shriveled up zucchini!), I planted peas, beans, carrots, radishes (which I fully intend to thin out  properly this year) and some onions.  When I went out to plant I wanted to plant seed potatoes but their was none to be had in store so I was going to try and force my own potatoes at home to sprout when the other night their was someone else who also gardens in the back their and I was sharing my sad no-seed-potatoes-left story and he replied, ” I just threw out a whole bunch of seed potatoes on the compost pile that I didn’t need anymore”. WOO-HOO! I never knew how joyful one could be over a bunch of sprouting potatoes! I jumped on it and got a nice little row of potatoes planted that night. I watered it and then it proceeded to storm and lightening the next two days and so I’m sorta happy about that.

A pic from work…gorgeous!

Speaking of storming, it was raining and lightening like crazy the other night and it was about 11:15pm when I said to my room mate Rach, “Wouldn’t be so cool to watch this storm on the ridge right now?” She agreed and said we should do it. My bed was calling me but we decided to go anyhow.  I am like a little kid still when it comes to thunder and lightening. It is remarkable. I think it’s kinda funny sometimes how science can explain the chemical reactions but still, who and how were those chemical reactions created? Right?. Sometimes I can really start twisting things around in my head and I imagine, what if we never needed water or never seen water, what if we just never experienced it or knew what it was. It’s hard to imagine life without it right. Well then I just imagine if their was something else God could have created but he just didn’t.  It’s like this,  imagine that their is a million more additional colors then what we know. It seems impossible but it is possible with God.  Someone once twisted my mind in this manner by saying, “What if we were both looking at this color and we both say its red but you see it as blue and I see it as green but still, we both call it red.?”  I kinda love that concept. It makes me think of God as bigger then this world and what we see in it.

My family came to Alberta for a family wedding awhile ago and it was awesome. It somehow ended up that it was just the immediate siblings that showed up and man did we have a blast.  Family is everything and I feel so completely blessed to be able to be a part of such a great thing. I love my whole family so much, I love my in-laws like crazy and have grown closer to them then I knew I could. My sister’s in law feel like they just are my sisters too, my brother-in-laws are my brothers. It doesn’t feel disjointed, it feels like they were all always meant to be a part of the family. I do have one funny story which my brother told me about.  He was leaving and he said to his young son, “I’m going to see Auntie Fay!”. My young nephew looked up at his dad, my brother, and said, “But we don’t have an Auntie Fay”. His older sister piped up, “Yes we do Darius! We do have an auntie Fay!”.  Oh, it makes me laugh and breaks my heart all in one! I’ll have to get reacquainted with that little guy! Haha.

Not a great pic but here’s Ma, Pa & the kids

Their’s not too much else at the moment but Iguess right now I have to say that I’m just really really happy.  Maybe it sounds funny to say this but I have so much thankfulness in my heart to God for how he has been leading my life in the last year and a half. It hasn’t all been easy but I know he’s taking care of me! I know He forgives me for my mistakes and He knows my heart.  It is my prayer that He remains with all the people in my life that I couldn’t and can’t be with right now.



 “The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.”  Psalm 28: 7