Lately my days at work have been sneakily getting longer on me. I start earlier, leave later, and the business of the day makes me not even realize the time going by (just the way I like time at work to go by!). The weather today in Calgary was absolutely irresistible. It was about 12 degrees out I think. I was walking out to my truck at the end of the day in my t-shirt and a pleasant breeze was tugging at my hair and I found myself wishing for my running shoes so I could go for a run. It was so peaceful and beautiful outside and I was enjoying the weather so much in that moment  that I didn’t even feel like getting into my truck. Nothing in me felt like heading home to my tiny basement suite so I decided to drive myself out into the country instead of right back into the busy, trafficky, just-not-the-country, cramped city.

Today- takin black beaut's for a cruise

As I got further and further out of town I just felt like weight was being lifted off my shoulders. Its tiresome feeling like I’m so locked down and into the city sometimes. I don’t know how to explain that locked down feeling, I guess I just miss speeding down a back road and I miss seeing nothing but fields around me. I miss not having to see people everywhere. I miss seeing animals in fields and I love all that open space. I miss smelling manure in the air. You read that right,  I’m going crazy enough that I miss smelling manure in the air.  At one point I was just so inspired by the view that I pulled over on the side of the road, I turned my music completely off and I sat there for five minutes, soaking in the view and just listening to the beautiful sound of grass rustling, enjoying the complete lack of all sounds ‘city’. It’s so great to just put my foot to the floor and bring ol’ black beauts up to speed and not have to be ready to stop at yet another traffic light, or be stuck behind 10 slow-poke vehicles, or worry about keeping my eyes peeled for yet another photo-radar van. Good luck trying to do photo radar in the flat country side of Alberta.

Listening to the grass rustle

I feel like it’s harder to find God in the city then it is to find Him out in the country. It’s hard for me to find any inspiration in skyscrapers, business suits, buses, c-trains, traffic lights, neon signs, liquor stores, grumpy looking people, the list goes on and on. I find I am always closest to God when I’m closest to creation. I know that it is only by God’s will that those buildings are able to be built and all the infrastructure can be there and can work but really would you be inspired by a littered street full of unsmiling, unfriendly, unfamiliar faces or golden colored land that catches and shimmers in the sunlight set against a great, big, blue sky full of untouchable, puffy,white clouds? It’s a no brainer for me. When I lived 3 hours south with my sister and brother-in-law the stars, the milky way, they were something to behold at night. Where I live now you do not ‘behold’ the milky way and you can only really see the bright stars. I used to have no problem finding the small dipper. Good luck trying to find it through the orange glow of the city at night. I felt the weight of the city coming back on me as I got closer to home again eventually. Instead of watching two horses chasing each other around the field and kicking up their back legs and joyously jumping around I was back in bumper to bumper traffic looking at the person in the car next to me tappity tap tapping away on their cell phone.  I had to go through at least 6 traffic lights just to get home. Their is something so restrictive and impersonal about the city. We live so close to all those people and yet none of us are really close at all. Why is it that when you live in the country you live further from your neighbours but you usually actually know them? Anyways, it was good to get away from all the hub-bub today.  I guess I’ll just keep dreaming about the country until I can actually live in it again!

Out on a gravel road somewhere- just finished watching a train rumble past

PS. I hope you enjoyed my pictures of pictures that I took on my cell phone today! lol…I’m technologically inept…don’t laugh! hahaha…