Ever have those moments when the world stands still for a second? It’s like when you wake up at 3:00 in the morning and you go and look out your window and theirs no movement outside. Everything is sleeping and quiet and you feel like your the only one awake? Its like this sacred little drop in time. The next day you wake up and you go back to the business, the usual frantic darting here and there.  I sometimes want to figure out how to get more of those moments into my life, that is, the peaceful moments. I think thats why I like the nighttime. I like that feeling like everyone is finally just settling down.  I like that feeling of relaxation and reflection. I like shaking that busy feeling for a bit. I think living out in the city here makes me crave those moments even more.

The rush and the hum, the day to day

No time to sit, no time to stay

Its all business and worries of life

Keeping us going and causing us strife

Getting the brush off, hitting red lights

Keeping the peace and avoiding fights

It pushes and shoves and pulls us along

Intrudes on our thoughts with noisy song

When will a moment of quiet drop by

To lend some time to hear my sigh

Sometimes I cant  wait to be alone

To not hear another ringing phone

I crave the silence and the rest of night

A time to think and a time to write

A time to ponder and a time to pray

A time to reflect on the things of the day

And so I wait for that moment sublime

I wait for that moment, that drop in time