Welp, its officially cold out here in Calgary, my truck thermometer was telling me it was -26 outside all day and my computer is saying its -30 outside right now. Its easy to forget how stinking cold it is outside when I’m sitting here in my cozy basement suite with the space heater on full blast, however I wasn’t so forgetful when I stepped out this evening in just a hoody to put some things in the recycling and my nose hair started freezing and anything not covered in clothes (e.g. face and hands) feels instantly attacked by the sticky kind of cold that comes with these extreme temperatures. When the snow starts squeaking under my shoes I really begin to question why I’m living in this place!

s-s-sooooo c-c-coooold-d-d-d

You know its cold when : The snow is squeaking under your boots ( or shoes as previously mentioned 😀 )

You know its cold when: You’ve been warming your vehicle up for 15 minutes and it still isn’t very warm when you get in

You know its cold when: You do your hair and then don’t think twice about ruining it with a toque.

(Frizz and static is all the rage out here these days)

You know its cold when: Everyones got a cord running from their house to their vehicle…(just attached mine tonight)

You know its cold when: You should fill up on gas but you opt not to because you don’t want to stand around stuck in an incessant, uncontrollable shiver while you wait for your tank to fill up ….also, you have high hopes the weather will get better before you have to REALLY fill up (yeah I did that today…1/4 tank should last me for at least another two days..)

You know its cold when: your favorite things to think about are hot baths, hot showers, hot tea, hot chocolate, warm pajamas, warm blankets, a warm bed, shots of whiskey….haha (you get the point…anything opposite of anything cold!)

Also I would just like to clear one thing up here….I am NOT jealous of my sister and brother-in-law who are lounging on the beaches of mexico this week…nope, I’m not jealous AT ALL….I like -30, I like wearing copious amounts of clothing, I like shivering, I like clearing snow off my vehicle every single morning and having my hand freeze off while I do it because every morning I think I can do without gloves if I just clean my truck off fast enough, I like my obsession with hot tea, I like how you can see everyones exhaust while driving on the freeway, frankly, I feel sorry for them that they have to be stuck in Mexico for a whole week while I get to enjoy this.. uh..this ..wonderful weather. Yes, thats it…this WONDERFUL weather.

Uhhh NO THANK YOU....I'll take -30 any day over this! ....right...

Last but not least……!


(just had to get that off my chest…I feel better now…;) )

I got this off of the weather networks pictures from today

Thats all for today folks! I wish you much warmth and should you need it, many toques and gloves! Ta-ta for now!

P.S : I did another donut in the parking lot at work today before I left! Perfectly round I tell ya…wish I had my camera!

P.P.S: I set off the fire alarm by accident at work today…hahaha..no really, I did…I will be at the butt end of many “Well at least I didn’t set off the fire alarm….”  jokes for the next while …haha..I can take it..just thought it’d be funny to share…