Christmas and New Years have both come and gone! My sister, brother-in-law, their five children and myself all made our way out to BC from Alberta this year for Christmas so the entire family could be together. I was the lucky bum that got to fly in while they had to endure the long drive through the mountains. I flew in on Dec 24th in the evening and flew back out again on Friday afternoon. In between was a lot of time spent with family…and I just feel compelled to say right now, I LOVE my family. Just had to put that out there.  We had professional family pictures taken during the holidays since everyone was together.  I played with nieces and nephews, and cuddled all the newest additions to the family, checked out my brother and sister-in-laws new house they just moved into, visited my one sisters house who I havn’t been to in a couple years (bad hey?). I got to see my good friends new little baby boy and meet up for starbucks with another great friend of mine, aaaand ofcourse their was a ton of delicious food and drinks to be had the whole trip as well.

The flu bug was makin its way around the family when I was there and a couple of my brother-in-laws got it real bad. I was pretty sure I had dodged the flu bullet since I didn’t feel even a touch sick all week. My last day their I woke up with a bit of a scratchy throat and some sniffles which was no big deal  compared to the flu in my mind. When I woke up on Saturday I had a full fledge head cold but I still was good to go and do some errands and laundry and other post-trip duties. Saturday evening was New Years ofcourse but I was in bed around 11 since I just wasn’t feeling good. Then around 11:45 the flu found me. I began by throwing up 3 times within an hour and then it became like clock work, every hour I would wake up to throw up some more.  I would go back to bed, I’d almost be sleeping again and then I’d have to get up again. I won’t go into detail, I’ll just say I was pretty miserable. Yesterday was recovery day, I managed to eat two crackers and some toast before the day was out. Last night I went to bed a bit later, around 12, probably because I had been sleeping on and off for most of the day, and I slept until 12 o’clock today. I’m feeling much better now already and should be good to go to for work tomorrow. Its too bad I had to spend my free weekend in bed and sick but at the same time at least I don’t have to take additional time off from work to recover. It makes me feel like God is looking out for me in a way. I hope everyone else had an enjoyable Christmas and New Years!

Usually I take a lot of pictures when I go home but this time around I decided not to spend my whole holiday hiding behind my camera trying to capture every single moment through a lens. Instead I wanted to just be a part of every moment. Sometimes you just gotta do that right?

I took a couple shots while we were doing family pictures, then my niece made off with my camera and took some pictures too 🙂 Here’s a few pics:

The boys making it look manly to have a foot bath..haha!..favorite pic of the holiday!


My beautiful sis-in-law with her baby girl 🙂

The girls keeping warm..haha..props to my niece Alexa for this pic 🙂


The DeVries men

My niece Alexa bein a poser with my mom and some sisters 🙂

Kids, kids, kids! Hahaha, here are a few of them getting to open their presents...