I did not get out of bed this morning and think, hmmm, maybe today I’ll meet a famous country singer. Nope, that thought did not pass through my mind. My thoughts went a lot like this ,

Thought 1: I don’t wanna get out of bed. Its warm in my bed. I don’t want to get out of bed

Thought 2: I stayed in my bed a bit too long, now I don’t have time to do my hair. I wish I had given myself more  time to do my hair.

Thought 3: I hope I’m on time for work today or I hope my General manager is not there to get me in crap for not being their 15 minutes before my shift starts (why is that so blinkin hard to accomplish??)

Thought 4: I better remember my cookies for the staff pot luck lunch today (they paled in comparison to the creme brulee and mini cheesecakes that other co-workers brought in just so you know…more cookies for me…just what i needed *sarcasm* )

Thought 5: Crap. I forgot my tea.

Not on the thought list? Hmm, maybe today I’ll meet a famous country singer. Maybe today a famous country singer will come into my work and want to buy some planters with my assistance. Nope wasn’t on the thought list.

It was mid-afternoon and I was staring at this man who was asking for my help thinking I recognized him because he was a contractor or landscaper.  His name, his company none of it was coming to mind which annoyed me because as a rule I try to remember every single contractor and landscaper that comes in. I try to remember the company they are with or that they own and I try to tie it all back to something I recognize about them. For example, one man is happy candy guy. Its simple, he is always happy, and he always buys a handful of mike and ikes out of the candy dispenser beside the counter. Another guy is bubblegum man. I noticed how good his gum smelled once and commented on it. He  left and then came back in with a piece of gum for me. Simple. This guy that was standing in front of me though, I couldnt’ place him anywhere, I just had this feeling that I recognized him. Not a big deal, not the first time this has ever happened so I just carried on helping him.

Do you recognize him in a ball cap? Cause I didn't!

We meandered outside and he showed me what he wanted to buy and he asked if he could get some help lifting it into his truck. I joked that I was pretty buff but I didn’t think I could help him with this one so I ran back inside to get some help and start up his invoice. He backed his truck up and then came inside to pay. We always ask for people’s last names at my work so I asked for his, “Do you mind if I get your last name?” He replied, “Sure, its Brandt”. So I type it in and process the payment, I get him to sign and he leaves to go load up with one of the guys helping him. At this point it hasn’t all clicked in yet. My co-worker walks up to me, gives me a shove in the arm and is like, “Was that Paul Brandt?!”  I was like…’uh nnno…waaaaitt…”. So I run back around the counter and grab his Visa slip and sure enough underneath his signature it says Brandt, Paul Mr. I was probably in some sort of shock at this point but I just grabbed a piece of paper and ran outside to where he was loading up and I just say, “uuhh…so i just realized who you are….do you think I could get your autograph?”….He just laughed a little, took my paper and pen and said, ” no cowboy hat today…whats your name?” and he signed my paper and in my state of shock I just said thanks and ran back inside…haha….

My Paul Brandt autograph from today!

So like I said, wasn’t on my list of thoughts for the day that I might come face to face with a famous singer such as Paul  Brandt but alas I did and I gotta say it made my day! Some of his music has definitely been a part of my life so it was really cool to have this unexpected encounter!

Some Paul Brandt songs worth listening to: