I sold my Alero a  bunch of weekends ago. More importantly I sold my first car.  I  opted to go inside rather then watch some stranger drive away with a car that held so many memories for me.  It really is true that you can’t put a price on sentimental value. Letting a stranger into that space and letting them inspect it is a really weird feeling. The things they see as a flaw I see as a memory. The price they offered didn’t seem to match what that car was worth to me in a way.

oh the memories....

As the inspection began a light brown stain on the back seat is pointed at and I would have to smile thinking about my young nephew tied up in his booster seat in the back happily smudging chocolate all over his fingers, face and my seat on our way home from the corner store.  A slight scratch along the door reminded me of a summer day years ago when  I let my niece and nephew wash my car with me and my niece dragged the hose edge along the side of my car.  Someone told me I shouldn’t let them do that but I chose not to reprimand them, I chose to let it become a reminder of love. It made me think  of a summer day when I seen joy in their little eyes as they enthusiastically, randomly slapped on bubbly car wash with sponges I had given them to “help” me out. A small, very slight dent where the front licence plate had been reminded me of my first accident. It was during a time that I was working at my first job at Hofstede’s in the coffee shop.  Every day after work I would drive over to the learning center to upgrade my Biology. One night on my way back home from that I was waiting at a light behind an Astro van, I was switching a CD and the car beside me started going so I let off on the brake. I had already bumped into the back of the van in front of me before I realized the guy beside me had a green turning signal and my light hadn’t turned green yet. I broke down crying and the lady I had bumped into told me it was okay and she would just settle everything with me outside of the insurance agency.  You can see the slight dent in the front if you look hard enough:)

The trunk was opened and I thought about the time my friends were sitting in the back of it drinking while I drove it down the driveway at my parents house to what we liked to refer to as “the sticks” with the music blaring. I’d think about all the times I dumped my baseball gear in the back and headed out to play some ball. I thought about the suitcases I put in their when I picked people up from the airport or took them home. The tread on the tires would be examined and I would just have to think about driving up vedder mountain for a fire on a friday night.

Finally it would be time to taker er’ for a test drive. The seat would be adjusted and I would think about the times an old boyfriend would adjust the seat in much the same manor.  I would think about the nights that I would get home and recline the seat and listen to music in the driveway for awhile before calling it a night.  The rear view mirror would be adjusted and I thought about the time I was adjusting it and the whole thing fell right off the window and my boyfriend at the time had fixed it for me and glued it back onto the window. I also thought about the time when that rear view mirror had red and blue flashing in it and it was my cop friend pulling me over to freak me out. Then I thought about all the other times it was not my friend and I was getting tickets instead..booooo (haha).

As the drive began I looked out the windows and thought about all the things I had seen framed through those windows.    The ski hill, where I went and learned to snowboard every Thursday for one whole winter season with one of my good girl friends, my neighbours car, passing me on the road as we raced eachother home from pre-confession classes. I thought about my first day going to a university class. My nerves were getting the best of me as I was sitting in my car debating if I should go in or drive away thinking ‘hmmm, maybe university is just not the thing for me’. Then there was driving into the driveway at work and seeing the restaurant lights welcoming me to another night of waitressing or driving through the gate and up to the landscaping truck at seven in the morning where my friend Sarah would often be patiently waiting for me because I was late again. 🙂 .

The list goes on and on but I think the most recent frame from that car that strikes a cord is the way the lights of downtown Calgary looked as I sat out on the ridge wondering how I ended up here. I can’t help but think that that car is what brought me to Alberta, what brought me to this brand new start in Calgary. Its crazy how I could feel like some sort of cowboy with his trusty steed while I sat in my car up on the ridge. How did little, small town Fay end up in the city of Calgary? I came here with me and my car and a bunch of stuff jammed in the back of it. Now I have a life here.

Anyways, I think that’s enough memory lane for tonight. Thanks to my pops for picking me out a great first car 🙂 Even though,  “A car is not an investment, ITS A LIABILITY”(quote from Dad…haha)  I did manage to get some sentimental value out of it 😉 Here’s to sticking some km’s and some memories to my new hunk of metal! 🙂

  Kathy and Jane come for a visit!

Glen comes for a visit!

Glen always acts like he knows exactly where he's going but I've busted him one too many times to trust him...that's me double checkin his directions 😉

My trusty new steed out on the ridge with me...