Its been too long since I posted, I know this is becoming a bit of a refrain for how I start my posts these days. I suppose I sometimes put pressure on myself to say something meaningful and not just fluffy and a this-is-how-my-day-went kind of post but maybe that makes me less real anyhow.  What can I say, life is busy. I feel like I continually have a never-ending list of things I need to accomplish..that situation is probably no stranger to a lot of us.

Do ever have it that something that should be fun ends up feeling like a chore or like something you shouldn’t be allowing yourself to enjoy when there is so many other things to accomplish? For example, usually I like cooking, I like writing, I like reading, I like visiting with friends, and I usually find it super rewarding to immerse myself in my Bible. When I’m busy all of these things become difficult in one way or another. For instance, cooking becomes rushed, you find yourself taking the short cut to getting supper made (pasta, pasta, pasta), I don’t take time to think about what I want to write (I’m doing this now I suppose), I look longingly at my book but find myself putting it aside to accomplish other things (I’ve been reading “Still Alice” for the last 3 monthes, no joke), and my Bible stays closed on my kitchen table (I havn’t opened it yet today to be brutally honest).  All the things I want to find time to do I just can’t. I find myself fighting with myself just to take the time to enjoy something ‘extracurricular’. I don’t know about you but I end up feeling like one of those race dogs chasing the fake rabbit around and around the track never taking a time out to do the things I love to do. It doesn’t help that I tend to procrastinate, over-think, and over-stress things.

I think that that sneaky Satan is often behind the fake rabbit we get up to chase every day. I call him sneaky for this reason, God wants us to be busy but Satan takes something that is supposed to be good, supposed to be done to honor God and he pushes it further. He causes confusion by making  it so we are not just busy, we are  busier, and busiest, especially with things that have nothing to do with God. However, that sneaky devil does do some of his best work when he manages to keep us over-busy doing good things. I was recently talking to a woman who confided in me that she had read a book called, “Being a Martha in a Mary world”. She told me that she realized she was so busy with helping other people out in church and being involved on commitee’s that in the end she realized she wasn’t spending near enough time reading God’s word or taking the time to be with God in prayer. Satan can keep us busy and away from God in the most clever of ways.

My advice is this:

BE SURE to take a time out.

Include God in your time out

BE SURE to chase those rabbits  in your lives on God’s terms, not yours and most certainly not on Satans.