Yesterday there was a bird stuck in the building. We have a pretty high ceiling and lots of beams for them to fly around and sit on. This bird was near the ground so I was jumping around with my plastic shopping bag trying to capture it so I could set it free (what an oxymoron huh).  I didn’t want to touch the bird because I’ve heard that mothers will reject their young if they smell a human scent on their birds and I didn’t know how old this one was. As I ran after that bird trying to do it a favor I thought about how once they come flying into the building they get stuck and its really hard for them to get out.  Their is a ton of windows and only a few doors. All those windows and doors to a little bird are so confusing, they seem to promise a way out but they end up just being a deceiving trick . My heart goes out to them as I watch them fly at full speed right into the window pane only to get banged up and flutter away looking a little wobbly and realizing that their exit plan has been harshly rejected.

A few weeks ago there was one bird that was stuck up by the two windowsills near the top of the ceiling about 15-20 feet up.  The windows are meant to let light in. They don’t open. This bird was trying things a little differently.  It had already gone through the trial and error of flying straight into the window sill and learned that lesson. Now it was just flying back and forth between the two windowsills and in between each small flight it would stop on the windowsill and hop about a bit and it would stay there for awhile looking out of the window, longingly it seemed. I wanted to go up there and show the bird how to get out. I wished I could open those windows for it or climb up there and get it but I knew if I went through the trouble of finding a ladder and putting it up there it would only fly away on me.  I wished I could somehow tell that silly bird that if only he would have the courage to come down from the windowsill he would find freedom through double wide doors that were swung open just waiting for that little birdie to find its way out.

I think we often choose to sit on windowsills in our lives. I think we get stuck in different kinds of buildings and fly into different kinds of windows in our lives.  For myself personally,  I think I’ve been flying into a lot of window panes in a sense. I feel banged up and hurt and I often feel confused just like that bird. If we make a mistake a whole bunch of times it seems we stop trying to fly. You end up just sitting on the window sill and even if you see a door show up in your life you barely dare fly through it for fear it might just be another window pane, another trick. You lose your ability to trust what you see. You doubt your judgement. You feel  like your staring so hard out of the windowsill trying to think of the way out and hoping that maybe if you sit on enough different windowsills one might finally open. Sometimes God wants us to use the door to find solutions and not the windows we stare so hard out of. I think its pretty hard to find doors in our lives and when we do its even more difficult to fly through them.

As I go on with this metaphor I think that just as I had to sit on the sidelines and watch that bird struggle and be confused, so there is always certain people in each of our lives that have to sit on the sidelines and watch us struggle.  When its a matter that touches the heart its really hard for those onlookers. They want to help, they want to guide you out of your dilemma and your problem and it kills them inside to watch you have to struggle to find your courage to fly again. They want to tell you your being silly, that your staring so hard out the window and the door is  right there. Its open and its waiting.

Here’s the thing, at the end of the day that bird did finally get out of the building and fly off back into the blue sky.  I guess that its okay to sit on a windowsill for awhile looking out and figuring out your next move. Some things just take time. Sometimes it takes some birds longer then others to find the door.  I believe that eventually all of us windowsill dwellers will find the door out of the buildings we get stuck in and we will all fly with courage again with prayer and God’s ever present guidance and protection.