I’m a lot overdue for another blog post and that is certain. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things I could be writing about but I somehow just havn’t found the time. It’s been a crazy mess of a summer so far. I went camping with a group of  friends on the Island.  I went surfing, or tried surfing, down at Long Beach. I went kayaking for the first time, did some fishing for the first time. I checked out the Stampede in Calgary, even got to work for my company down at the stampede for two days. I worked a lot of 10 hour days, sometimes for six days of the week.  I watched a lot of thunderstorms sweep through the yard at work this past summer. It comes and goes with a vengeance out here. I’ve never really seen weather behave that way until I moved to Alberta.

(This is not necessarily an Alberta landscape here, but kinda close to what it looks like, not to mention a sweet pic!)

Today another storm swept through the yard while I was at work. The power went out at work and you could just see the lightening streaking down through the sky and hear the rain pelting down on the roof only interupted by the occasional loud grumble of thunder. When I was young thunder and lightening used to terrify me. I remember going through the house closing all the windows and curtains and closing the doors. I wanted to close the sundeck door too but my parents would leave it open as they sat on the deck and watched the lightening hit the mountains.  My Dad always told me that the thunder was God talking. I honestly thought it was God talking and that thunder was a language as much as French or English is a language.  I still think about that ever time I hear thunder rumbling through the sky.

Anyways, I was driving home from work and it was still raining, it seemed I had somehow followed the storm home. I got off my exit and I parked by the ridge. I got out of my car and let the hail and the rain hit me as I walked up the grassy path to the bench. I sat down on one of the benches and let the rain and the hail pelt me some more. I let it make my hair all wet and I paid no mind to wetness of the bench seeping through my clothes onto my skin. I just sat there and let the wind whip at my hair and I watched as the storm retreated overhead, the sun came out behind the skyscrapers in downtown Calgary and seemed to fight off the dark clouds. When I finally got up to leave, there behind me was a full out double rainbow glowing in the sky. I thought it was funny how so often we don’t take time to awe at God’s creation. We don’t let our thoughts and our feelings just fly free.  There on that bench I had a few moments where I could just let everything go and I made room in my head to think about God.  It takes just stopping everything sometimes. We have to just stop with all the scurrying, with all the to and fro, with all the over thinking, and worrying about the tomorrow God tells us not to worry about. Just make yourself park that car and get out in the rain we try to avoid. Let yourself try it next time the skies open up. There is something healing about it.

I thought about the rain, how it takes and it gives. I thought about how we tend to look at rain as negative, as a nuisance. It ruins our hair, it makes us damp and causes our cars to fog up. It makes our shoes wet, it stops farmers from being able to harvest, sometimes it even causes floods. Last time it stormed in Calgary my co-worker lost her father because of that downpour. I thought about that comforting feeling you get when it rains outside and you get to be all warm and cozy inside. I thought about how somewhere in the city my co-worker was probably crying her eyes out just watching it come down. A reminder of something so sad. You know as well as I do that rain is not all bad. Rain makes things grow, it gives us respite from the heat of the sun, it makes us appreciate that second of silence we experience as we drive under a bridge during a downpour. Today when the rain had run its course in my little part of the world, everything looked shiny and new. The river was sparkling and the air felt fresh. Rain is our lives sometimes. It needs to rain in our lives sometimes to rejuvenate, to refresh, to make us appreciate it when the sun comes back out. God gives rain in our lives to test us, to refine us, and because He loves us. Lets let that rain give us strength and hope and mulitiply our thankfulness for sunny days that have been and sunny days that are on the way. Lets always let that rain and those rainbows be a reminder of His amazing grace to us.