So this is the latest update on my garden! It’s pretty fun watching it come up and checking on it every day:) I think that it’s growing a little slower then I would like because it’s not getting enough sun but I’m happy if it just keeps on growing…my radishes will be ready in a few more weeks I think and I already ate some lettuce…I couldn’t resist trying it:) I think its time to use my lettuce to make that butter/vinegar/sugar salad pretty soon!

I’ve been a bit of a slacker with my posts lately.  My brain is in overdrive all the time these days, you would think that with all that thinking a blog post should be able to come out of it but I can’t seem to think of something appropriate to write.  I feel confident that soon I will be struck with a moment of sheer genius and I will be compelled to get to typing something up. Hahaha….just kidding around ofcourse:)