It was mid morning on June 20th.  It was one of those grey and rainy type of days that promised boredom and ample cleaning opportunity to all the people working inside the garden center.  Isabella Gonzales was a girl who worked in the service center. In between processing orders and telling lame jokes to the contractors she would also spend her time switching things around on her supervisors desk.  She would put lids on both ends of all the pens on his desk, attach gloves to the handles of his chairs, and wrap tape inside out around all his highlighters.  Sometimes she would just pretend she did something to his desk and laugh as she watched him look around and wonder what she could have done.  When customers inquired of her supervisor how he stayed sane around Isabella and all her antics she would simply interject and tell them, “He doesn’t stay sane. He goes over to that corner there, curls up in a ball and starts rocking and sucking his thumb”.  Luckily her supervisor was a great sport and customers delighted in the verbal one-up’s that often occurred behind that caramel colored service center desk.

On this morning due to the rain and lack of customers Isabella decided it was time to accept her fate for the day and go get started on cleaning. As she headed over to the employee area to obtain the neccessary supplies to perform her self-inflicted cleaning duties she noticed a fuzzy little creature darting behind a painting leaned up against the wall.  She recognized the beady eyed squirrel like fuzz ball to be nothing other then a gopher. She had encountered many of them out in the tree lot and also seen them darting in and between the back of the hoop house outside where orders were held.  The problem with this one was that it was inside. She avoided eye contact and began to proceed in the opposite direction of that gold little gopher. As she took a few steps away she realized if she walked away their would be a gopher running around the store. She would turn her back and that little Goldi the gopher could go and hide out anywhere, ready to pop out in some customers face at any given time.  In her minds eye she began to picture some nice old lady out for the day trying to find the planting pot she’d always dreamed of. Instead of a glorious fun-filled day out at the ol’ garden centre she would be attacked by Goldi and alas, she could get bitten! Isabella could just see herself standing in the service center. She would be just about to tell another lame joke or be working on another lame prank when all she would hear was “ooooohhhh noooooo” from across the store. “Alas!”, thought Isabella, “I cannot let that happeneth”.

Isabella snapped her attention back to the present. She turned around and began to assess her options. Very quickly she decided that Goldi the gopher had to be trapped and removed. She grabbed a large black plastic flower pot that was beckoning to her. She began her slow tip-toeing towards the gopher. Sensing imminent danger the gopher began to dart off to the right. Isabella began laughing somewhat hysterically to herself wondering how this would end. Looking up she seen some customers ahead who weren’t paying attention. She had to head the gopher off in a different direction before they noticed. Nimbly she darted around the cupboard that Goldi had just squished himself under. Sure enough, Isabellas movement scared him and Goldi took off towards left field. After five long minutes of cat and mouse, or Isabella and Goldi if you will, Goldi had been cornered.  In a moment of desperation Goldi tried to scramble up the wall to try and reach a shelf, despite his heroic efforts to evade the black hole of plastic pot coming at him his efforts failed and Isabella threw the pot down over Goldi as best she could. She hadn’t quite got him. Goldi was madly fighting back, he had flipped onto his back and was flailing his little clawed paws around. He squeaked in pain and desperation as the edge of the pot pinned him down by his neck. Isabella’s heart beat was racing and she was apologizing to Goldi out loud. “I’m sorry but you can’t be in here! I’m sorry!”.

At last, Goldi stopped struggling. Isabella quickly placed the pot over all of Goldi. She grabbed a ceramic pot nearby and placed that on top of the plastic one she had used to trap Goldi. In her agitated, excited state she ran around the corner in search of back up and a final removal plan and ran into the accountant and marketing manager who were engaged in jovial conversation. She wildly interrupted them, “I just caught a gopher!!”. Now because Isabella is such a jokester Mr. marketing manager did not look like he believed her. She beckoned to him, “Come look!! I swear just this once, I’m not joking!”. He followed her to the scene and observed the odd construction and placement of pots and decidedly decided to believe her. Mr. Marketing grabbed a piece of paper to slide under the pot, he flipped it over and delivered Goldi back to her rightful environment.  Isabella settled down and returned to the service center with a bucket full of suds and two cleaning cloths. She had just trapped her first gopher ever and managed to stave off her inevitable cleaning duties for an extra ten minutes.  🙂


Stay tuned for more adventures of Isabella Gonzales.

Goldi the Gopher

hahaha….just in case anyones confused. This is a dramatized version of my day today;)