Sometimes you just need to get the heck out of dodge if you know what I mean. I espcially get to feeling that way sometimes what with living a 5 minute drive from downtown Calgary. I went back to corn country this weekend to visit my sister, brother-in-law and their five kids. It was nothing short of extra relaxing to just sit on the sundeck in the sun on sunday afternoon learning string tricks from my 8 year old niece Emily, getting smothered with Jill hugs and watching my sweet little nephew sitting and smiling in the sun mucking around with his toys. Frogs were croaking and a pump was humming off somewhere in the distance, for the rest it was quiet and still…you learn to relish that when you live in town. I guess I have a country heart after all. I was beginning to worry I might be more of a city girl then a country girl..:). I was hoping to catch some sun since I was feeling really albino at work next to all the landscapers that were already rocking dark tans. It worked! We went back to church in the afternoon and at one point I noticed that my legs were steadily getting more and more red. I looked over at my sister, pushed on my leg to show off my burn and then gave her an exaggerated smile and the thumbs up sign..hahaha…I’ll take color over no color any day! Maybe I should be paying more attention to my driving but whenever I head out out of town and I’m driving down those prairie roads I can’t help but take a bunch of pictures…its hard to capture nice stuff while I’m moving so I pulled over at one point to take a few more pictures…and I gotta say I feel like a dork taking a picture of myself, which is probably why I look like a dork but yeah, there it is…thats the nerd who writes this blog…hahaha. Just looking at these pics makes me realize how much this wide open country is growing on me. I don’t love -30 and -40, scraping my car off every day and doing a ridiculous amount of shivering waiting for my car to get warm…no sirree-bob, those are not a few of my favorite things. Its the fantastic sunsets, rolling fields, the old shacks stuck in the sides of the hills and weathered down barns from years ago. I find myself more in awe of this country then I ever was in awe of BC. Perhaps that is because this is different, perhaps its just the way it is.  I’m starting to feel like maybe my life is meant to be lived out here. Its hard to think that when so much of the people I love and miss are in BC.  Anyrate..I wanted to write a bit more but I guess I’ll save the rest for another time..gotta get up in 5 1/2 hours again so yah! Hope you enjoy the pics and they somehow portray a portion the beauty I was speaking about just now!