Could you imagine your life without freedom? Its not just something we should be flippantly rattling off in prayer on the list of things we are thankful for. Have you ever seriously stopped to think about what your life would be like without it? I probably wouldn’t have dared to go for a leisurely stroll through town today. Their would probably be death and an abundance of conflict. Their would be conflict between neighbours and maybe even conflict within your own families. Travelling would likely be a lot more dangerous. Right now if I want to jump in my car and drive to back to BC to see my family the most danger I need to worry about is my not car functioning, getting into an accident with another vehicle or driving off a cliff or something. These things are serious but I doubt I would even think about driving by myself to BC in a country where we did not have freedom. We would probably see our friends and families less. I’m guessing that food supplies might become something hard to come by sometimes. We would have to sacrifice a lot.  Now put a little twist on that and imagine a country without religious freedom.  We would be forced to put our lights under bowls because of government legislation. Ministers would probably find themselves on the hot plate for the sermons they make. Work places might not have to be so accommodating to all of us that do not work on Sundays. Some of our jobs might be on the line. That means our well being would be on the line, which means more stress for everyone and more financial strain on congregations as well. Religious freedom is such a rich blessing from God and we stand to lose a lot if we are robbed of our religious freedoms and rights. That is why today I want to share this article with anybody who is reading my blog.  As I was reading the article today I thought to myself, “God can see if I care about these things or not. He can see if I read this and toss it aside. Will God rule in our favor if we stand idly by and let the world get its way? If I do stand aside or do nothing, can I really expect Him to want to take care that we live in a society where we have religious freedom?”. I think He wants us to pray for these things. He wants us to ask. I’m really not the campaigner or sign-holding, group chanting protester type but even I can see how vital religious freedom is to leading a Christian way of life. It is vital to us now and vital to the next generation cause. Pray for ARPA Canada and consider donating to their cause.