My punch card looks exactly like the one on the far left

I’m kind of one of those people that goes crazy when I gotta do the whole rigid punch in and punch out thing.  Some people just seem to like that routine and predictability thing in their lives, others are like me and, I repeat, go a little crazy when they get locked in like that. Actually, now that I’ve written that I see even more clearly what I think about that. I wrote “locked in”. I could have easily wrote, “when they get the opportunity to have a stable steady job”.

Anyways, moving on. This is how I was thinking about it the other day. Back at home, we used to have a horse named Flare. We had her for years until just last year my Dad called her from one end of the pasture and she came galloping down the field but half- way she biffed it. Her leg was broken and she was old. She was put down. It was pretty sad…even my tough old man got a little choked up I think. Anyways, Flare had made lots of tracks in the field. Even though she had an entire pasture to roam she had walked the same way all the time and as a result had worn the grass down to dirt where she had walked. I seen something similar with someones dog one time. The dog had been taken from an abused home and this family had taken it in. It lived in the backyard and it didn’t take long for that dog to create a triangle dirt pattern in the yard.  It was the same thing. The dog walked the same path all the time and wore the grass down to the soil.  I think that some people make these paths in their lives.  Some get so stuck going through their routines that they forget their is a world of other grass waiting to be walked on and enjoyed.  I think that other people like the little routine paths they’ve made in their lives, they know if they take that path that it will take them where they want to go, it’s a safe bet.

When I get stuck into a punch in and punch out situation I get to  feeling  like I’m stuck walking on that worn out dirt path real quick. I get  up at the  same times, I drive the same route, I battle the same traffic, I  take a  predictable lunch break and so on and so forth.  It can sometimes  feel like  a big risk to step off the worn pathways we travel, like changing  careers  for example. On the other hand, stepping off those worn out  pathways we  travel can be as easy as taking a different way home from  work, listening  to different music, taking up biking, or trying a new  restaurant. Those  little side steps off the path can be so energizing. My  Dad took a big step  off that path when he quite farming after 25 years  plus. I took a little side  step when I went out with Rachel and tried some  bubble tea.  I guess what  I’m suggesting to one and all is, no matter if  your comfortable on your  worn path or if your dying to sink your feet  into the grass, do not let  yourself become robotic. Challenge yourself.  Make it a point to learn  something or try something new. It doesnt’ have  to be drastic. Just keep your eyes open for opportunities to step off the  path sometimes. In short,  let those grass blades tickle your dusty feet  from time to time!