It is neither here nor there

It’d be nice to just not care

Is this wrong or is this right

Inside my head I think the fight

Life’s a struggle, rest is rare

Wanna give up but just don’t dare

Head stuck on just a bit too straight

To make those decisions about my fate

Dark nights, alone, and desperately awake

Waiting and praying for all dawns to break

Hoping that all those horizons shine bright

Finding my thoughts and shedding some light

Light for my future and light for my hope

Rays of wisdom to help me cope

Past, Present, and Future linger near

Creating anxiousness, excitement and fear

Living to pass time and living to wait

Hoping that dullness turns into great

Waiting for direction and needing my Guide

I know He will always be right by my side

Might not make sense to you but I guess thats how poetry is supposed to be…haha..I took a poetry class in University and it was brutal. We would spend three hours on one sentence analyzing and re-analyzing. The class would often be filled with long pauses as our professor (who never combed his hair or shaved and seemed to have always somehow put his pants on crooked) would just sit there and think with his eyes looking to the ceiling. Oyyamensen. Anyways, I’ll most likely never publish a book of poetry or anything,. I write simple rhymes as illustrated above so ya, thats what you can expect from a Fay poem….:)

Just a brief explanation for the poem : At the end of any day, no matter the struggles, whether they originate from your past, your present, or your future we all have the great comfort of knowing one thing for sure and that is that God is with us.