I went to visit my dear sweet Beppe on Friday! I havn’t seen her since I was back in BC in March.  She was staying up in Edmonton with a couple of my Aunts and Uncles here and there for two weeks and when my parents told me I right away thought I should go visit her. I called on Thursday night at my Aunt Hilda and Uncle Joes first. I don’t think I ever called there before so I felt a little guilty that it was my first time calling them and it was only because I was trying to track down my Grandmother. Nevertheless before I got off the phone my aunt made it clear that I was welcome to come by any time Beppe or no Beppe. When I called my next Aunt and Uncle, they seemed happy to hear from me. When I got the lady I was looking for on the phone I asked her what she thought about me coming up to visit for the day she sounded super pleased at the idea.

Friday was the last day I will have off for awhile besides Sundays. I will be working six days a week with ten hour shifts for the next four weeks for sure. I’m sure the madness will continue on after that! Even with the new job, Sundays, it seems, shall remain the eye in the hurricane I call life.  At any rate, I kinda felt like just being a bum at home and taking the day to myself rather then drive to Edmonton back and forth and do six hours of driving in a day. Then I thought about my crazy upcoming schedule and how I will be missing her birthday. I thought about how I live so far away from her now and she was only three hours away at the moment. I thought about how you never know how life will go. I thought about how much I love her and how completely worth it she is for me to spend that gas money and time to see her and spend time with her. So that was how I spent my Friday and as I suspected I was not let down! The morning started out with me driving through blizzardy snowy conditions and the further I headed out of Calgary the nicer it got. 

Can you even believe that I was getting covered in a layer of snow when I filled my car up with gas in Calgary the same morning that this picture was taken? I even put my ski jacket in my car just in case in the morning. I have to say, if this is what Edmonton gets, then thanks for nothin Calgary! Sheesh! Haha. My Uncle had given me stellar directions so I ended up being able to drive right up to their house without getting lost. I was pretty happy about that, if you take a wrong turn in Alberta and you call someone to ask for directions this is what the conversation sounds like:

Fay: I can’t find your place, I think I missed your road or something

Direction Giver: Well where are you right now?

Fay: I’m by a field. It has a telephone pole by it. (I’m just proofreading right now and noticed that the picture up there actually has a field and a telephone pole….haha…didn’t even mean to do that! haha)

Direction Giver: Is there a big rock in the field?

Fay: No

Direction Giver: Okay, I think I know where you are. Turn around and head South, once you see the 60 km sign drive 2 miles and then turn and head west by the telephone pole with a scratch in it. Once you’re on that road, drive a 1/4 of a mile until you come to a slight hill in the road. At the top of that hill you will see a crooked tree…..

And so on and so forth. I laughed so hard the first time I got directions like this. I told those people straight up, “I wish I could tape record this! You guys sound so redneck!” My sister told me I for some reason was getting more of a hillbilly experience then what was normal.  I went to the doctor while I was out in Taber too a couple months back and I got the doctor whose tongue was missing or something….lol…uh what? haha. We had some good laughs for sure.

Anyways, I’ve digressed considerably now! Moral of the story, or this post, I’m glad I made the effort to go see my Beppe. I also got to see my Aunt Alice and Uncle Ralph as well.  My uncle took us all out for dinner to a chinese restaurant. I got the whole, “We can’t let you go home saying you didn’t get fed enough!” from them. Hahaha…I love it. My Dad always says that, my other Aunt Pearl always says that and I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be saying it too one day.  My cousin Grant and I already try to make sure our skinny room mates eat enough….hahaha…not really, but we do bug them about being too skinny. A bit too much of our parents in us I think.  Anyways, I’m obviously losing brain power right now since I keep going off topic and missing my own point with all of this so I think I’m gonna call it a night! Much love to you all!