I’ve had royalty and leaders on my mind this past week.  We were singing Psalm 67:3 in church not this past Sunday but the one before when this leapt off the page at me for some reason. “He is our God and King”.  ‘King’, I thought to myself.  How come that doesn’t really inspire me to awe to think of God as a king? Then I started thinking about what we see in our earthly examples of leadership.

My mind first wandered to thoughts of the Queen of England and all the hubbub going on around the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate.  Their faces are smeared across magazines everywhere and we’re all confronted with the tabloid images of these two when we’re out buying our bananas and bread and such.  The whole thing is full of hype. They are famous for being famous.  What do they really do? I began to think about this some more and I came up with an idea of what I think it would be like to walk in royal shoes for a day.

A day in Royal shoes would go something like this:

– Wake up, push back my a million count threaded sheets, get out of bed and put on my mahogany and gold stitched bath robe. (Also I would have bunny slippers but I would swear the palace to secrecy about these)

– I would then proceed to my ridiculously elaborate dining room and sit down at a table meant for 200 people by myself to eat fancy scones prepared by my personal chef and to drink hot tea from the finest silver available.

– In between bites I would whine in an English accent to my personal breakfast attendant Marjorie about all the blimy ribbons I have to cut at hospitals and new parks that day. I would also complain about all the yellow dots that I see for hours after from all the paparazzi at these events.

– I would tell Marjorie how hard it is to be royalty and I would tell her how long and hard you have to work to get that dumb wave down pat for when you drive around in your fancy car waving at the commoners

– After I was finished with breakfast I would head back upstairs in my turbo speed elevator. I would make a quick pit stop and have someone brush my teeth for me before continuing on to meet with my personal tailor and other various clothing attendants. (Also, I would probably take a few secret passages on my way over to my dressing room just for the fun of it)

The main outfit would come together rather quickly. What would take some time would be deciding which ridiculous hat to wear. (It would probably be a toss up between the weird huge pheasant feather hat or the weird huge old lady straw hat with a garden of flowers attached to the hat)

Pheasant feathers or flowers? or both? hmmmm

Hahaha…okay, I could obviously probably go on and on with this for awhile. Believe me when I say I’m having fun making this stuff up! Anyways, in order to broaden the different spectrums of leadership I figured I should also try to come up with what it would be like to live for a day in the shoes of a prime minister or president. Heres what I came up with:

– Wake up. Put on a suit that looks the same as the one I was wearing yesterday.

– Go downstairs for a coffee which will also have to pass for my  breakfast.

– While having “breakfast” I would watch the newest political commercials that make fun of me.  As I watched this I would say things like, “That is NOT true” and “That ones true but I’m still going to be vague about it” and “How did they get their hands on such a horrible side profile picture of me?!”

– When I arrived at my destination some over-eager admiring political underling would walk behind me and begin debriefing me on the situation in Cazackastanistan. I would try to look very important as I walked. I would still be thinking about that bad side profile picture.

-Eventually I would end up sitting around in a roomful of people dressed the same as me. I would eventually stand up to talk about taxes and the proposed adaptation to Bill 6923.123456. When I was finished talking I would wipe some imaginary dust off of my shoulder and then sit down all the while doing my best to look important.

So very important looking...

🙂 Anyways…I’m obviously just being a big nerd.  My examples are exaggerated spoofs only meant to say in a round a bout way that the leaders we see today seem sort of snobby, kind of wimpy, and very out of reach.  Our earthly examples of royalty and leadership leave a lot to be desired.  Unlike these leaders, God is never just their for show and he is never just a puppet on a string. He certainly displays his majesty but his pomp and splendour far outweigh the ridiculous hats designed by so and so, the fancy cars and all the other doo-dads.  His displays will not rust or rot. I was reminded of that tonight while I was taking in the sweeping sky in front of me. Just amazing. (I’m so thankful for gravity. I would hate it if people could build stuff up there in the sky and wreck it. If anyone has ever talked about this stuff with me they will know how annoyed I get when people put up condo units on nice patches of grass and flowering meadows. Drives me nuts.) If your looking at earthly leaders hoping to catch a glimpse of what God is like as a King I know you will never find inspiration from these sources. I’m pretty glad that God is nothing like the leaders I know today.  God was never too snobby to associate with the tax collectors and sinners. You can bet he never kissed a baby to try win popularity with the people. He delights in making the weak strong.  God is never wimpy. We can always boast in His strength, His might, His power and His glory.  We can confess that everything is done by his will.  God can never be peer pressured into a corner and he’ll never make compromises. We can always count on God to be the same now and forevermore.  As for being out of reach, he never is. We have been celebrating Jesus death and resurrection this past weekend and through that ultimate sacrifice we can have direct contact at all times with our Lord. I am so glad that I can expect so so SO much more from God as my King. We sang this song in church just this past Sunday.

Hymn61: 2

Give to the Lord of lords renown;/The King of kings with glory crown./ His mercies ever shall endure,/ When lords and kings are known no more.

Kinda funny how it tied into my thinking last week huh. Anyways, I played me some baseball tonight for an hour and a half! It felt so awesome to throw a ball around and run the bases again. I think we are all just loving the weather as of late…the snow around here was getting pretty tiring. Anyways, after that I went for a jog where I took in that sunset so now I’m pretty done for the day! Hi-ho, hi-ho its back to work I go…tomorrow morning! We start ten hour shifts next week…..bring on the long busy days! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with this somewhat! Oh ya! I was gonna just clarify that….theirs not gonna be very many waitressing stories anymore! I left that industry and I’m back to working with plants and landscapers:) We’ll see what kind of stories I can come up with from there! Goodnight to one and to all!

This is close to what I was looking at tonight...different angle and a bit darker out...:)