A few Sundays ago we went for a walk down by the river in Calgary…although snowball fights become old news pretty quick around here they’re still kinda fun…haha…I love this picture…Ike is trying to escape Dave who is carrying worlds largest snowball in his arms, all the while completely unaware of Rach about to sabotage him…haha….

voted favorite photo from the day

We went for a lekker lopen (means ‘nice walk’ in bad Dutch spelling).  Naturally Ike and Dustin had to climb some trees. Naturally.

While they did that me and Rachel experimented with hanging my camera off of tree branches and taking self timed shots….haha..we actually got a pretty decent one too!

Rachy and Fachy Pachy

We wrapped things up by taking a walk on the train tracks….we actually almost got run over by a train….no we didn’t…but a train did come and we most definitely dramatized it to the max….”Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh RUN FOR IT!!”….hahaha…before that happened I was talking to ahem, someone, here was the conversation:

Fay: (In exaggerated voice) What would you do if a train came RIGHT NOW!??
Person I was talking to: I would lay down right in the middle of the tracks because that is where it is the safest…..            Fay: Really? I think I would just walk off the tracks and go stand by that tree over there…..

Man did we laugh….thankfully Rachel did not lay down in the middle of the tracks. when the train came…oops…hahaha…its too funny not to share it Rach;)

These next few pics were a different day. It was a day of firsts! Its a fuzzy picture but here we are anyways, pre-RACHEL’S FIRST C-TRAIN TRIP!! It was my second time already so I was pretty cool and collected about it all. No I wasn’t. Hahaha…

We were feeling some pretty extreme excitement in this next pic here…haha….MY VERY FIRST BUBBLE TEA!!! (which by the way is not tea at all! Are you shocked? Cause I was shocked….haha) haha…I giggled every time I took a sip and those tapioca balls went shooting around my mouth…I almost lost the contents of my mouth a few times cause I was laughing so much.  Next time I’m getting the same as Rach. I think peach is the way to go. I had dragonfruit for the first time…it was a rather acceptable choice as well:D.

These weirdos in this next picture kept trying to take a picture of us…eventually we just gave in and said they could take a picture if we could take a picture of them taking a picture of us…..this is the end result…….we thought it was weird how they kind of resembled us…….

(You may groan inwardly to yourself now at how lame I am…hahaha….)

K, this is almost it for this post….I just have to share this next picture…me and Rach laughed so hard…we bought matching t-shirts at this store in the Chinese mall and later on we noticed the tag inside…..too funny…..

You have to be made of stone inside if you don’t find this clothing tag somewhat amusing!! hahaha….bleach is not available?? Ironing temperature?? Dry fly??? What does that even mean?? hahaha…..we laughed….

Throwing in this last picture just for the heck of it, well kind of to showcase my cupcake talent actually..haha…to be honest I think these are the first cupcakes I’ve ever made….its from this past weekend…their was a birthday in the house…..to celebrate I made my roomie (who is also my cousin) some cupcakes….his name is Grant in case you were wondering……

  Not bad eh? Nevermind the creepy smiley face though…haha…it  was never my intention to make it look so weird…..hahaha:D Well thats it for now….hope your all having a swell week:D