Today is a day of notable worth. Twenty years ago upon this very date my mother delivered into this world a baby boy who would become known to me forever as “my little brother“. It doesn’t matter how old he gets. He is and probably always will remain in my mind, “my little brother”. Glenny Benny, Glenda, Shavy, Punkerella, Glenerd…what else? I feel like there was more but its just not coming to me. Even though me and Glen live far apart right now he is still very near and dear to me. (I left him at home to deal with the responsibility of being the one to empty nest our parents one day….heehee). Glen is leaving behind the ignorant years of teenagerism today and entering the wise world of “the twenties”. I could just write “Happy 20th birthday bro” and be done with it but I thought it would be more fun to share some Glenisms from my point of view:D With that in mind I have aptly titled the following list:

Some Glenisms from my point of view:

falling asleep with the lights on….literally, it happened so often that I made a habit out of going to his room when I got home at night to see if he was sleeping or not so I could turn off the lights if he was asleep

talking in his sleep……..this one is tied into the lights thing. I would come in the room to turn off his lights and sometimes if I was unsure as to his level of consciousness I would just ask, “Bud, you asleep?”….Glen would be like, “What?” (along with some weird lip smacking) and we would then proceed with a full blown conversation…..the next day I would ask him about something he said….he would have zero recollection whatsoever. One time he told me our cousin was visiting and was sleeping in the room upstairs. I’m like, hey cool, I go check, hes not there…I go back to Glen… “Glen, he’s not in there….are you sure?”…Glen says back, “Oh ya, he might be staying at Ryans, I’m not sure, we’ll worry about it in the morning”. I’m like, “okaaaaayyy….”  The next day? Our cousin was still in Alberta. Glen had no recollection of the conversation. He had just successfully completed another round of convincing sleep talk conversation with me.

– obsession with songs…..heres a familiar one for anyone who hangs out with Glen…
Glen: “You HAVE to listen to this song! IT. IS. AWESOME. SO GOOD! YOU WILL LOVE IT!”
Fay: “Glen, you know I’m not gonna love it….you just wanna make me listen to it cause you love it…”
Glen: “Yeah yeah, just listen to this song….”
(I listen. Glen sings whilst making faces (which I think he thinks make him look like hes a cool singer/rockstar  but it kinda just looks like someone just did bad surgery on his lips) and waving his pointer finger in your face in an awkward dancing fashion)

Glen and I.....See what I mean about the lips? 😉 hahaha...

Heres a song he’s probably diggin right now….;)

shopping with Glen…..he invites me to come shopping with him. I go. Glen goes to try something on, store lady comes by,
Store lady: Hows everything working out for your boyfriend?
Fay: He is my brother
She walks away. Glen comes out.
Glen: Do you like this shirt?
He stands there striking a modelesque pose.
Fay: Hmmmm…I don’t know…..I don’t think so
Glen: I’m buying it.
I’m still puzzled why he brings me along…he really doesn’t need my opinion…hahaha…I think it has something to do with our mutual enjoyment of a tasty beverage known as Orange Julius.

Modelesque....(I was not exaggerating...this kid gets into it! haha)

Glen you’re a pretty cool guy and I’m always proud for people to meet you. Except for my baseball team in high school…it shouldn’t have been a problem but all these girls who were two years older then me wee little brother developed crushes on him (sigh). Needless to say he started attending my baseball games a lot more regularly. 😉

In all seriousness though, I always know you’re going to make people laugh and I know you know how to put people at ease. You are outgoing and withdrawn all in one. You only fully open yourself up to those you trust and love most but you are courteous and kind to everyone. Well, almost:D.You can b.s. your way through and out of many situations and your always quick with the quips and wit. You are motivated and strong, you can laugh at yourself  and you can make me laugh anytime, even when I’m drowning in tears.  You’ve come a long way from that little bro I used to be able to beat up. I miss the old days when we would make our ‘special sandwiches’ when mom wasn’t around to make us lunch. Do you remember how we used to do trade offs? I would play hockey with you for awhile so you would play baseball with me for awhile? We would head over to the neighbours every night to go play hide and go seek tag in the dark and after school almost every day to zone in on some popcorn and play gun games? How about all the kittens we went through somehow? It seems like every spring we would get new ones and they would run away or get run over eventually. Haha…oh boy….Right now I have to say I’ve been missing French toast mornings with ‘ the chountry mhusic twanghin at fhull vholhume in the backghround’. I miss being in University with you and fighting over the computer and laughing at you while we’re both procrastinating. (Think of you randomly laying on the kitchen floor asking to have some of the smoothie I’m making). I wish I was there to celebrate some of the day with you but I’m not so this is all I got for ya…and maybe a card is in the mail;) Glad you’ve been around for the last 20 years Glen…may God bless you with many more! Love you so much bro! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Have a kickin day…I’ll catch up with ya op de telephone soon!

Fay: Hey Glen?
Glen: What?
Fay: Your ugly
Glen: Hahaha goodnight
Fay: Goodnight