I feel like I have a million stories to share from the waitressing world. Every day that I come back from the restaurant I usually feel I have some interesting tid bit to share. I have been waitressing for over three years now. I worked for three years at a steakhouse in the Fraser Valley, then in a small southern Alberta town I worked at a pizza place for three months. Now I have been working just about 3 months at a cafe by day and a rib place by night. All of these places are franchises.

I can still remember walking into that steakhouse with my resume feeling grossly under qualified. No real previous waitressing experience, just a strong desire to not spend the rest of the winter in holey rain gear trying to sling 80lb alan block. Also I knew I didn’t want to end up as a hostess. The real money was in waitressing so thats where I wanted to be. I had my interview in a booth that didn’t have a table or benches in it yet. I remember that I mostly talked about the landscaping I had been doing and I was showing the guy, who was to be the manager of that location, pictures of landscaping jobs I had been working on. He told me to show up at the first orientation night where there was about 70 people squeezed into the back part of the restaurant referred to as the lodge.

We had to do this ridiculous game where we all stood in a circle and we would go around.  The first person would go saying, “Hi, my name is Larry and my favorite animal is a Lion”. Then the next person would go and it would sound like this, “Larry likes Lions and my name is Priscilla and I like Pandas”. There is this one girl whose name I can’t remember but I do remember that she liked snuffalufagusses. Haha…it stood out next to the bears and the ants. I’m pretty sure I was Fay and I liked fireflies. I think it was just a name remembering, team-building thing. This gang of seventy or so went through two weeks of training. It involved becoming familiar with the menu, with the wines, how we were to explain certain sauces and their flavor, we practiced serving on each other and taking orders. It was very awkward for me but the thought of cleaning pavers with icy water and snow on the ground kept me going!

"I'm Fay and I like fireflies"...haha

We did something that is called a soft open. I think more restaurants do this when they are just opening up brand new like the one I was at. It might be different for other places but we were allowed to invite some of our family members and then they would get hooked up with an appetizer and a meal for each person for free. They had limited choices and if they wanted anything additional they had to pay for it.  Anyways, each server had a pretty small section, like three tables. I did one of the most embarrassing, most horrifying things in my entire waitressing career during that open. I was bringing a table of four their drinks. The two men had beers (I think) and the two ladies had a couple of tall ceasars. (You can only guess where this is going!). I put down the first guys drink. As I was putting down the second gentleman’s drink which was a bit of a reach, my two ceasars went toppling over and spilled all over the table and into the laps of both of the ladies. One of which just happened to be wearing white pants. OFCOURSE! I nearly died on the spot! I was apologizing profusely and then ran off to get them some cloths and paper towels. I ran back and I apologized some more. The ladies were nothing but gracious to me, the one said, “You couldn’t have done it to anyone better honey! We’re both waitresses so we know this stuff happens!”. Anyways, one of the training staff decided to take me aside and he started yelling at me because I was holding the tray wrong and I wasn’t balancing it right. The truth of the matter was that my chest had bumped the glass when I leaned over. (I definitely found this humorous later on). I felt like breaking down but I was keeping it together until another guy on the training staff just gave me a big hug and was like, “Hey don’t worry about it”. Yep, then I turned into a blubbering mess and I ran off to the bathroom to control the mascara smears. Hahaha! Anyways, thats just one story to start off with and gives you an idea about some of my waitressing background! Stay tuned! I have old stories to share and I feel certain their is plenty of new ones to come!

Not so appealing when it ends up in your lap instead of your mouth.....