You know those days where you can’t look good in anything? I’ve sort of been having a day like that. Its not like I was having trouble putting together an outfit. My clothing pattern is pretty darn predictable being a waitress and all. I stand infront of my closet in the morning thinking, ‘hmmmm…this black shirt or that black shirt? Those black pants or these black pants? I think I’ll go with the black shirt and the black pants”. Hahaha..its seriously like that. Anyways, it was just one of those days when I was looking at myself in the mirror thinking, if only my hair was like this, if only my teeth were straighter, if only I was ten pounds lighter. I know that all of us girls have those days and some struggle harder with it then others. I guess guys might struggle with this too to some degree.

Last night one of the girls I work with was telling me she used to work at this certain restaurant renowned for only hiring extreme hotties.  She told me that along with the rest of the girls there, she would actually be lined up before the shift and the girls would be critiqued.  The manager would actually tell them to wear more makeup or to lose some weight or send them home if they weren’t looking good enough. Now I know that some of this could just be exaggeration or not the entire truth but we all know these restaurants exist. It brings the men and the wallets in.  After that chat I got to thinking about how everyone keeps telling me to go waitress downtown. I started thinking about that and then I started thinking about how I would never get hired downtown anyhow because I’m not thin or pretty enough. I started thinking of all the things that that manager would tell me to fix as I stood in front of the mirror this morning facing myself. I left for work feeling pretty self conscious. When I got back I sat down to read my Bible. Funny how sometimes you feel like God isn’t really around, like hes tied up somewhere else helping other people and then you pick up your Bible and get a big biblical hug from Him. I know that sounds a bit weird but reading the Bible is sometimes like getting a hug for your soul. I read Proverbs 31. This verse was my biblical hug and encouragement for the day,

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a women who fears the LORD is to be praised.” -Proverbs 31:30 (NIV)

Aaahhhhh! There now don’t ya feel better! I definitely did! hahaha. Its so important to not let ourselves become entangled in this worldly drive to be perfectly beautiful on the outside.When I think about the people that I love and I realize they’re not perfect but I love them dearly anyhow, not for how they look, but for their insides it makes me realize the foolishness of being overly vain:). haha. I don’t love anyone because their hair is always perfect. In fact people who always appear so perfect and put together on the outside I think give the rest of us this vibe that we’re not good enough if we don’t do that too.  That perfectionistic (I may or may not have just made that word up) attitude can sometimes create a sort of stumbling block for others around them . I’m not saying go ahead and leave the house every day in stained sweat pants and a serious case of bed-head, but don’t freak out if your shirt has a wrinkle in it or your not wearing two gallons of makeup on your face. I guess part of this is about finding a healthy balance when it comes to maintaining ourselves inside and out. The other part of this would be learning to be content with who God made you and working with his word to be a women of noble character. To focus on fearing the Lord instead of thinking about how your going to show everyone else up in the supermarket in your high heels and lipstick.

Hahaha…did i really just say that? High heels and lipstick in the supermarket?…sometimes I’m not sure where I get this stuff…..anyways, this is what I’m trying to say:

Focus on who you are in the Lord, not who you are in the worlds eyes.