It is currently 10:39 on March 21, 2011. I just finished baking cookies for the first time in my little basement suite,(sans the fancy kitchenaids I’m used to working with) and munching on some fresh strawberries that my room mate gave to me. As I sat here munching on my strawberries I decided that tonight is as good as any night to start my blogging journey.  I don’t mean to try and sound all epic about this but I have been thinking about starting this for awhile.  I don’t make decisions easily or quickly so when I finally do I usually commit to what I’ve decided. Though at present I feel like I’m writing into thin air since I have no followers. It seems to me that a blog should be seen and heard. There is something about blogging that feels a little self important to me. Kind of like your saying, “hey world, look at all these thoughts I have! How awesome am I?”. I don’t really want this to be like that.  What can you expect from this blog? I’m not even sure yet myself. I have ideas to post poems I like, stories from the restaurants I’ve worked at, thoughts on God and relationships. Basically, life in general.

Starting this blog is a way to keep writing while I’m away from University.  That is probably my biggest reason for doing this.  I was working on a General Studies Diploma and lattering my way into the Bachelor of Arts program. I’m interested in creative writing.  I think I’d like to eventually be writing non-fiction material somewhere, some way, somehow. Thats about as far as I have figured out right now. Please note: I did not proclaim to have amazing grammar skills! If you find mistakes, I’m asking you in advance to please forgive me. Hahaha:)

At any rate, tomorrow I have a job interview and I should probably try to look like I had some sleep when I go to it tomorrow. I’m hoping this opportunity works out and I can dial back all the restaurant work I’ve been doing. I work at one restaurant during the day and then go to another one at night. Currently I am getting one night off per week, excluding Sundays, and its starting to take a toll on my mental stability! I kid, but it can be pretty stressful and tiring some days.  Sunday is my one full day off during the week and I have been starting to dub it, “Sanity Sundays”.  I’ve also referred to it as “the eye of the hurricane we call life”. Right, anyways, I was going to bed! First blog post ever… done and done!